About company

  AK ordasy Corporation” LLP – is a construction company with high-qualified specialists who have much experience in the construction spehere. 

“AK ordasy Corporation” LLP is able to provide for all and whole construction service in Kazakhstan that allows to construct the buildings from the beginning till its end.

The base of the success is high quality of the works, and materials for usage, professionalism of the staff and new technologies, modern techniques and clear organization of the work execution.

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The specific trait of the company is the achievement of the lowest cost of constructing building and its high quality which come from the own complex for materials production and a variety of own equipments.

Using a complex approach to the construction organization and providing the quality of constructing building and the main point is that every residential complex is available for the most of consumers.

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Techniques and equipment

Сorporation has: 40 dump tracks, 8 excavators, 8 truck cranes, 7 loaders, 6 truck tractors, 6 concrete mixers, 4 motor, 4 moving welding machines, 3 road rolles, 3 bulldozers, 3 concrete pumps, 3 water carrier, 3 moto graders, 3 tractors, 3 moving compressor, 2 cement trucks, 2 side awning, 1 concrete diluting unit(CDU)

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Quality control

In all civilized world, including Kazakhstan the certification of quality management in the construction standard in accordance with standard series ISO 9001 that accepted as generally accepted demonstration of quality stability. “AK ordasy Corporation” has the main point is provision of confidence of the Employer in the good quality of our service on the stage of introduction with our types of the service.









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Company’s news

Road map developed for implementation of Affordable Housing – 2020 Program
Road map developed for implementation of Affordable Housing – 2020 Program   A large-scale program on housing construction development “Affordable Housing – 2020” was launched in Kazakhstan in 2012. Special road map – an action plan on the program implementation was implemented in order to ensure successful realization of the Program.

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How to choose a mixer for a paint?

When I was choosing a mixer I paid more attention to the mixers with the capacity not more less than 1 KVt since I was mainly planning to mix glue in a 20 liter buckets and in accordance that high capacity was required. So, I decided to choose a mixer with capacity 1,2 KVt and I didn’t regret about my  choice. It is useful to pay much information to the mark and brand of tool that you are going to  buy. That must be a recommended itself company.